Personal: Where did the day go?

I hit the books and started writing. Curse my impatience. Still, things look good through the panel so far. Not going to link just yet. Gonna keep an eye on the panel for instabilities before writing more. I wanna make sure this place is survivable before I link through.

I think I’ll lean into the Kiramager reference for the name, to a degree. Tentatively, I think I’ll call this new crystal age “Kiram.” Why? Because “Kiramager” can drop the R, make it “Kiramage” and split that into “Kiram Age” so. Yeah. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it up until someone suggests to me a better name.

(Someone please give me a better name.)

But for consistency sake I’m just going to tag it pod 12 too. Let’s be real here, I’m almost certainly going to be releasing both of these at the same time.

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