PERSONAL: Power and Weather

Random bursts of 100* weather for almost a MONTH and then one day of snow… and it’s freaking causing power surges already. Thank god I invested in an UPS for my computer ages ago.

Made my heart stop for other reasons, though, namely certain equipment here at home that DOESN’T have an uninterruptible power supply. Bluh.

Snow. I hate it. Is it any wonder I’m drawn to the WARM parts of the Pod world instead of the colder ones? Say what you will about Tetsonot’s flooded status, but that deep under water where you can feel the pressure you can feel the TEMPERATURE change, too.

Dereno. That’s all there is to say on the matter.

Payiferen and Pod 12 are pretty temperate and warm parts of the world. If I didn’t have to go to bed soon I’d hop over there and try to warm up, if it was day time. Maybe Eder Gira… Mrh.

I swear, if I ever can have a conversation with a Bahro 1 on 1, I’m going to PLEASE ask them to stabilize earth’s weather patterns. Cheating? Sure, but no way would I dare meddle with Earth’s Descriptive Book. I’m wary enough with the bits of writing I’ve planned out for the Crystal Age so far. Need a better name for it too.

I’m tempted to make a Mashin Sentai Kiramager reference, but… Eh.

If I temporarily call it Crystalia for the sake of it, I’m wary about taking THAT reference too far in trying to write the actual book and it accidentally linking me to a world that matches the one from the show. And THAT route potentially involves other earths and multiverse instancing and- No. Just NO. Too much risk involved there with the Art. The Further I stay away from the copyrightable content the better for everyones sakes.

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