So Where is it?

Incase anyone was curious, Pod 12 is located here on the Pod Map:

South East of Payiferen Pod 13.

It’s to the South-east of Pod 13, Payiferen as we know it, which is sort of in the middle of the continent right on the time/date line.

Riiight down there on that peninsula, to the east of that river outlet/bay. Getting there on foot is no easy feat, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Linking Books exist for a reason!

[Following is quoted from Development Journal]

Spoke with Doobes again, got things rolling properly now. Just waiting on some account creation to go through for some of the work equipment release stuff.
Admin approvals. Hah.

Also got my hands on a few blank Linking Books AND a Descriptive Book. That was a surprise. I may be able to do some experimenting with that crystal age concept after all.

I can already see where I might go with it. I’ve got the creative juices flowing now haha!

I’ve got a few ideas I want to work through on that front.

If Katran can write TAY with Crystals that can power a busted Linking Book…
And if Atrus can write Rime that makes crystals that can make a visual portal link without the stable linking powers…
Then I should be able to write an age of crystals that both serve as a Descriptive Indicator AND a Power Source.
All I’d need then is a Bracing Material to house it all… Crystal based Link Tech, Anyone?

It’s funny how when I first thought of Writing ages years ago, taking the idea of thinking how to learn how to do it…

Crystals is what I came up with, inspired by the depcition of Spire in Myst 4, I suppose.

Now here I am years later, with an actual theory to try proving behind that dream. Almost full circle in its own right.

I’ve already mumbled about this over on the blog enough, though. Or have I? No, I think I left that post private, didn’t I?

Was wanting to replay the games/do some in person reconisance on the journeys and stuff. Hrm.

Idea struck me now. The plates in Payiferen that generate the Portals are Solar Powered, right? So…

Can I power them with other things? Has anyone experimented with that? That could be interesting and fun…

Ah, geeze, Beware my mad science, Cavern.

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