Veelay Addition?

Consider me surprised. Something new has been discovered…

Spoiler below the Read More if you’d rather search for it yourself, I guess.

…Apparently I became the first person to break news of a music canen being present in Veelay over on one of the Discords by sheer accident of my experimenting with something I thought everyone knew was there but actually wasn’t. What the actual heek???

…So, Uh. YEAH. Apparently there is NOW a Music Canen in Veelay that adds a music track to the canen added to Relto by the Page. One that wasn’t there at Reveal Day.

When the actual heek did THAT get added???

The answer to When it was added was apparently September 1st. Huh.

But Seriously, what? When? And more importantly, WHO???

Yeesha? Bahro??? I don’t– what the heck??

I’m considerably confused now, and also slightly concerned.

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