PERSONAL: Reunions

Small gathering in UO Hood

Met up with Katelin and Jamey today- another member of UO brought back into the fold. Heh. While we were there, EthanEver and a few others showed up and we chatted for a while. Then came time for the AGM and we went there for the afternoon.

Kate and I have hung out in the years since elsewhere in the world and multiverse, but it’s been ages since it was just her, me, and Jamey. Felt like old times with Ethan appearing and adding to the mix, too.

Shame Justin and CS couldn’t make it today, then it’d really be the whole old gang back together again. I know WaySeeker’s around somewhere… Haven’t talked with him personally since the Age Reveal in Watchers, though, and that was a very hectic sort of “Hi there!” situation.

Ah, geeze, I just remembered I need to message Doobes. Saw him at the AGM today and told him I was gonna talk to him… eh. I’ll do that soon enough I guess. How’d it get to be so late in the day?

(The answer is: it was already after 2 when the AGM wrapped up, I had some stuff to tend to on the surface, including dinner, spent a while listening to Cavern karaoke, and then spent some time hanging out with Blade, Eleri, Theo, Alahmnat, and a couple other passerbys in the Unwritten RPG hood. Apparently there’s a monthly meeting every month on the 5th. That’s nice.

Hangout in the Unwritten RPG Hood

We talked a bit about how little we know about D’ni Currency, and what the cheaper sides of D’ni culture may have looked like- like the fact that we barely have any idea of what D’ni children played with as toys, or what the cheap gumball/gatcha machine type of toys were at supermarkets?

Twas a fun discussion, bit meandering, but the fun ones always are. Tad late in the evening, though. Only so much time in the day, though.)

Doobes talked about wanting to capitalize on the new excitement and revitalized energy flow to start getting more new projects pushed to completion. I think I might seriously take that Pod 12 project on, but, yeah. Gonna talk with him about it, though. He did offer some expertise in the whole process, so I’ll take him up on it I think.

This could be fun. Just even on a whole “I wanna do a thing for the sake of doing it” sort of project. I’ll keep my expectations low and see what polish I can get out of doing it step by step, maybe…

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