PERSONAL: Busy Saturday

It looks like I’ll be attending my first All Guilds Meeting in a long while.

I’m debating if it’s worth chatlogging since I think the Guild of Messengers’ll be recording it on their own. Heck, dunno if I’ll have time to attend anyways. Trying to arrange a get together of old friends today, we’ll see if it works out. Eh, I’ll probably make a post summarizing things from the AGM if I go, or just post a link/summary to the thing. We’ll see.

I’m curious to hear if Patrick’s group will announce anything like they did the last AGM, or if any other inspired explorers will too.

There’s certainly a lot for people to be happy about this month, I’d think, but also a lot of sads, too. Ran into a bunch of people in a hood last night- Hood that had only one member, a dear friend of theirs, who had died within the last year. They managed to use some fancy linking robot to get them back into it since it’d fallen off the Nexus listings.

It’s a nice little way to memorialize someone, in its own way. Something subtly different from Veelay.

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