Personal: Oh Come On WordPress

Why make me use a new editor? I don’t know how to make this thing work. I was just happy with the old one, AND i DON’T NEED EVERYTHING SCATTERED ALL OVER FIVE DIFFERENT MENUS WHEN ONE OLD MENU WAS JUST PERFECTLY FINE ENOUGH!!

Sometimes an improvement is not an improvement! I have no idea where half of the things I need even are hiding at this point. Stupid dumb- just let me use the old editor please? Please??? No??

Fine. Whatever.

Blocks? Why the heck are there BLOCKS? I just wanna insert a read more. Where’s the friggin read more??

Okay, why was that hidden away in a Dropdown MENU like that for? So annoying.

Maybe I should just take to writing these posts in a text editor and then copy-paste them into this page. Bluh! What a waste of energy.

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