PERSONAL: Curiosity

Decided to do some angle sleuthing, and I think I’ve figured out where the Messenger Pub’s located via line of sight rather than relying on KI Coordinates.


Three Windows next to eachother.


Got a pretty dead on center line view from the middle window of  the Tokotah Rooftops. Arch is off center, so we’re probably facing at an angle away from it.  (This pic took a lot of jumping to get right.)


Pretty sure it’s up there on that part of the wall somewhere. Probably NOT the three windows in the center of the circle, but somewhere around there, I’d bet.

Always fun to figure out where these things line up like that. Still not 100% sure of where Sharper’s old office even is though.

Did my examining of the Hood Instance City’s Pod books. I think Yeesha just standardized the sets in Relto, because the Hood Instance has the things in completely different paragraph order. Probably the inherent craziness of the Instancing itself at play here. They say that it’s all subatomic differences in the ages, but I’ll bet you a decent chunk of Instanced ages are identical save for how the Linking Books in them are written. I’d research into this more for more sample sizes but at this point I’m not even going to bother with it, Instancing has always been such a headache and trying to puzzle this stuff out is going to give me a headache more than I already have.

Also shifted the pellet recipe I’ve been using to one with a shorter bake time. Last night I learned that apparently Oven Four in Er’cana flat out shuts down over certain temperatures/times. I’d always known there was something funky with that one oven but I didn’t know what. Makes sense that it’s also the one connected to the Mixer vat that won’t drain.

Years here in D’ni spent over time, and I flat out never knew that the oven shuts down period. How the heck does someone figure that out? I’d pin the blame on Kadish, probably wanted to make it so only HE could make the ‘right kind’ of Pellets or whatever, but that verges on speculation.

Still, corrections made. and I’m now also remembering that this was the recipe I used to use years ago, too. Funny how that works out. Back then we just thought the fourth oven was a “Super oven” or something. Shows how wrong we were at understanding what was going on. Ah well. Time marches on and all that.

…How does an Oven flat out shut down with certain times/temperatures? I don’t get it. Bah, doesn’t matter, I guess.

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