PERSONAL: “What’s that sound?”

Radio Free D’ni’s broadcasting music today. Themed after “What’s that Sound?”

Small groups of people are scattered around the Cavern, Ae’gura and Messengers Pub primarily, listening to the music. That’s really nice to see.


Did a Pellet run for the first time in years today. Set the ovens last night after finding a stale batch from when I last did something. Cave Drop Run? Likely. Makes sense to me. Figured if I’m going to be around more i need to start contributing to this Lake Project again. Things do seem brighter in D’ni than they used to.


I’d have to double check against older photos, but I swear it’s not my imagination. That’s the Cavern wall I’m seeing back there, right?

It looks pretty brightly lit up back there to me. I’m not imagining this, right? It’s been a subtle change over the years, that’s for sure. I wonder how much brighter it’ll get in the years to come?

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