Personal: Not much doin today

Given I haven’t had much to do today but sit around resting my leg, I decided to delve into what would likely be the easiest part of this Pod 12 project if I commit to doing it- actually writing a new linking book for Pod 12 now that the old one is, ah, suspended in the air.

Sure, there’s some people who enjoy that kind of thing but I’ll probably only keep this book around for them if they want to use it.

But that’s besides the point.

As I see it, writing a NEW linking book isn’t going to be hard at all, I just need 3 key things, the Book, the Ink, and the words to write in it.

Linking Books need to quote from the Descriptive book, last I was aware. For D’ni writers, that’s not a problem. Me? OTOH, I have no access to the Pod Age Descriptive Book. What I *DO* have are Five Pod Specific Books. Negilahn, Dereno, Payiferen, and Tetsonot are all vetted by the DRC and likely were all made at around the same time during the D’ni’s day and age. (Groan Pun Alert.)

So, my assumption is this: if *I* were managing the production of these books in the day, what I’d do is write out specific passages from the Descriptive book, the reference lines, as well as a description of the pod structure itself- these should be consistent things across all five books I have examples of. If I’m LUCKY, the process involved writing the quoted passages en-mass first, then giving the books to the local writers within the Pods to write down the finalized pod descriptions PLUS whatever fluff is tying the local area to the book specifically. Things like “Vast Ocean Depths” for Tetsonot, or “Frozen Tundra” for Dereno, I’d imagine.

Essentially, whatever is identical in these books should be what I need to copy into a NEW Linking Book for the overturned Pod 12, which means whatever ISN”T identical should be the location fluff for the actual area I’m in.

My first stumbling block is that I need to eliminate variables within those books. It won’t do me any good if two Negilahn books aren’t 100% identical, after all. Yeesha made instancing with the pods is going to be an issue as well. I’m assuming the only reason I HAVE a private instance of Pod 12 is because I have a private instance of the age thanks to the OTHER Pods.  If this does work out, and I make a new book to this Pod after copying everything in the other books, does that mean I accidentally copy Yeesha’s instancing magic and that makes new private instances for everyone else? Or… is the matter of the instancing the Yeesha Stamp? without THAT will it just create a single link to my personal pod 12 instance?

Eurgh, questions for another day. I’d like to see the original books before Yeesha meddled with them. It’s adding an extra variable I don’t want to consider.

Still, eliminating variables. If the instances in Relto are copies of the books in Ae’gura, then I should be fine.


Ae’gura’s quiet this afternoon. Good for me.

Someone’s snagged the name “The New D’nizens” though and is offering hood invites. Cute. I think its unrelated to Patrick’s group, though.

Cursory examination reveals a half and half scenario. So far Public Ae’gura hood books seem to have the same phrases as the Relto versions, but are ordered a bit randomly. One passage before another in some cases. Makes a bit more sense that Yeesha might streamline it when making her versions of the books- probably a formula to what she does that’s easier when it’s in order. Even so, looks like the passages, even if in different orders, seem to be fairly similar.

It looks like Yeesha, or the Bahro, based the sequential pattern on the Relto versions based on the Negilahn book- or, atleast, what the current Negilahn book even is. Who knows if it’s been replaced over the years. Could be getting my cause and effect wrong.

Still, I think this is probably the best case scenario I could hope for.

I can’t tell if there’s been any additional writing changes made to these books at all beyond the obvious modification of Yeesha’s stamp and the ever mysterious “Share Book” emblem. Makes me wonder more how it’s been done? If Yeesha’s meddled with these books then she’s done a great job of obscuring the work behind the original writing.

Or it could be I’m a total writing noob and can’t tell one handwriting style from another if the Ink is always the same. Maybe if I’d looked back in the day…? Eh, too late for regrets now.

Still, I’m going to lean cautious optimism and assume that the Yeesha stamp is itself a special symbol tying to the modification mechanics she’s put in place. Maybe made out of the same ink as the book’s writing? Impossible for me to tell.

I’ll have to check my private Hood instance later. See what’s up there. But for now that’s enough work on this. Time to go see someone’s new hood, I guess.

Examining the Nexus books is going to be a top priority at some point. I wonder how much they lean Copy-Pasta? The stands may be an issue, though. Hrm.



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