personal: Ow.

The irony is for everything that happened the other day with the shelf collapse at Pod 12, and ALLLL the walking about the ages I did this morning, the thing that hurt me the most today is not looking where I’m going and slamming into a support pillar in the grocery store, causing the cart to ram my danged leg. It doesn’t feel broken but GEEZE. It stings. Probably should lay off the heavy work or falls for a while just incase it’s worse than i think.

I tell you, some days it feels like we’re safer down in D’ni and in the ages than on the Surface.

In other news, I hear work on adapting the Heritage Documents Journal to a printable format is in progress and may be added to Chiso at some point! I’m excited for that.

Have some Veelay views and a Payiferen pic I got this morning as compensation for the griping.





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