Echo McKenzie and Jules Lavisham in Ae’gura.

Went to Ae’gura, got surprised to see that Jules Lavisham and Echo McKenzie were in Ae’gura today, catching up on old times. I’m missing the start of whatever they were talking about before I arrived, so if anyone’s got a log of that time, submit away.


EDIT: Jules himself was kind enough to provide the missing segment of log. ^^



(08/27 23:21:01) Echo McKenzie: Jules!
(08/27 23:21:11) Malaclypse: Verne!
(08/27 23:21:13) Malaclypse: Oh, sorry.
(08/27 23:21:34) Jules Lavisham: Echo! Hello!
(08/27 23:21:35) Echo McKenzie: Verne would adore D’ni
(08/27 23:21:56) Malaclypse: Verne would _write_ D’ni 😛
(08/27 23:22:14) Jules Lavisham: Ha. Also, Malaclypse? Didn’t you invent a religion that one time?
(08/27 23:22:22) Echo McKenzie: If he could find the Descriptive book.
(08/27 23:22:57) Jules Lavisham: … ten seconds after seeing you and things have already gotten Discordian, Echo.
(08/27 23:23:04) Malaclypse: Well, the official founder was Malaclypse the Elder.
(08/27 23:23:12) Jules Lavisham: It’s like time’s stood still.
(08/27 23:23:22) Malaclypse: Malaclypse the Younger just wrote the book. I’m Malaclypse the Even Younger Than That.
(08/27 23:23:43) Jules Lavisham: Malaclypse the Embryo
(08/27 23:23:58) Jules Lavisham: Malaclypse the Glint in the Milkman’s Eye?
(08/27 23:24:14) Echo McKenzie: I can neither confirm nor deny any connection to any goddesses of chaos that may or may not exist.
(08/27 23:24:45) Jules Lavisham: I’ll be having words with my pineal gland later on this matter.
(08/27 23:24:50) Malaclypse declares Echo a POPE of Eris
(08/27 23:25:59) Jules Lavisham: How’ve you been Echo? You’re looking well.
(08/27 23:26:53) Echo McKenzie: Well enough, made myself a lovely little cabin in Tsoghal
(08/27 23:27:12) Echo McKenzie: Wandering the ages taking notes, as usual
(08/27 23:27:29) Echo McKenzie: and you? It’s been forever
(08/27 23:28:04) Jules Lavisham: Yup. First time down here since the second restoration. That’s what, ten years now?
(08/27 23:28:12) PhoenixAccio waves hello
(08/27 23:28:19) Malaclypse waves back
(08/27 23:28:33) Echo McKenzie: how has it even been that long? Sheesh
(08/27 23:28:39) PhoenixAccio: oh apparently i linked to the right part of the cavern haha
(08/27 23:28:45) PhoenixAccio: seen 3 ppl already
(08/27 23:28:51) Echo McKenzie: Shorah, Phoenix
(08/27 23:28:57) PhoenixAccio: shorah!
(08/27 23:28:58) Malaclypse: Evenin’ PA 🙂
(08/27 23:29:01) Malaclypse: Public Service Spam: Sunday from 1300 KI time, Radio Free D’ni will ask, What’s That Sound?
(08/27 23:29:01) Jules Lavisham: Evening Phoenix!
(08/27 23:29:11) PhoenixAccio: evening everyone
(08/27 23:29:38) Jules Lavisham: Surface business keeping me occupied. Been throwing myself into my work.
(08/27 23:30:08) Echo McKenzie: work sneaks up on us all.
(08/27 23:30:21) Calum Traveler: shorah all

[End Jules Log, Start Calum’s Log]

(08/27 16:29:50) Chat.log started…
(08/27 16:30:21) Calum Traveler: shorah all
(08/27 16:30:27) Jules Lavisham: One or two mad adventures here and there, but something more or less approximating normalcy.
(08/27 16:30:33) Jules Lavisham: Evening Calum!
(08/27 16:30:36) Calum Traveler: evening
(08/27 16:30:47) PhoenixAccio: oh, shorah calum!
(08/27 16:30:56) Echo McKenzie: normal for you, me, or the average explorer?
(08/27 16:31:05) Jules Lavisham: …
(08/27 16:31:09) Jules Lavisham: Yes.
(08/27 16:31:17) Jules Lavisham grins manically
(08/27 16:31:18) Echo McKenzie laughs
(08/27 16:31:58) Jules Lavisham: Been trying all this time to spin a module out of the findings down here.
(08/27 16:32:40) Jules Lavisham: Usual red tape with the faculty. Unless there’s an official presence, they don’t want to know.
(08/27 16:33:15) Echo McKenzie: True that. Hmm. Might be government interferance.
(08/27 16:34:04) Calum Traveler: where’s everyone hanging out at?
(08/27 16:34:15) Echo McKenzie: Four interesting words for you to ponder, Jules… Waste Isolation Pilot Program.
(08/27 16:35:29) Jules Lavisham: … those are certainly interesting words.
(08/27 16:35:45) Echo McKenzie: mmhmm. I thought so, too.
(08/27 16:35:46) PhoenixAccio: most people i’ve seen are near the library today, calum
(08/27 16:35:53) Calum Traveler: thanks ^^
(08/27 16:36:03) Jules Lavisham: Where did you hear them?
(08/27 16:36:05) Calum Traveler double times it across the city
(08/27 16:36:38) Echo McKenzie: A book I was reading, actually, but it made me very curious. I’ll let you tackle the internet.
(08/27 16:37:35) Echo McKenzie: I shouldn’t sit in dark corners, it makes me moody.
(08/27 16:37:56) Jules Lavisham: Also, grues.
(08/27 16:38:04) Calum Traveler needs a moment to breathe!
(08/27 16:38:06) Jules Lavisham: And Dominic Cummings.
(08/27 16:38:12) Malaclypse: That’s a different franchise, Jules.
(08/27 16:38:18) Echo McKenzie: Which is more likely to eat me, a grue or a bahro?
(08/27 16:38:19) Jules Lavisham: You alright there Calum?
(08/27 16:38:27) Echo McKenzie: Shorah, Calum
(08/27 16:38:33) Calum Traveler: eh. hurt my leg grocery shopping earlier, but fine otherwise
(08/27 16:38:42) Echo McKenzie: owch.
(08/27 16:38:53) Calum Traveler: just gimme a moment. hah…
(08/27 16:39:04) PhoenixAccio: i heard a bahro in the library of kings a few minutes ago. it was interesting, i don’t hear them much
(08/27 16:39:12) Calum Traveler: shorah, Echo. 🙂 been a while since ive seen you about.
(08/27 16:39:18) PhoenixAccio: just chance presumably but still
(08/27 16:39:19) Calum Traveler: glad to see another familiar face 🙂
(08/27 16:39:21) Jules Lavisham: Mmm. Sound still puts me on edge.
(08/27 16:39:37) Calum Traveler: always does me too, in an endearing sort of way
(08/27 16:40:00) Jules Lavisham: I remember the invasion. Not quite sure I could handle being in the middle of that again.
(08/27 16:40:09) Calum Traveler nods his head
(08/27 16:40:36) Echo McKenzie: There was much to be worried about, then.
(08/27 16:40:47) Calum Traveler: still is, even if it seems pretty distant now.
(08/27 16:41:13) Jules Lavisham: Mmm. The lack of closure worries me.
(08/27 16:41:20) Jules Lavisham: I dislike loose ends.
(08/27 16:41:23) Calum Traveler: same.
(08/27 16:42:06) Echo McKenzie: until we can communicate, there’s not much we can do for the bahro.
(08/27 16:42:22) Jules Lavisham: When I heard the rumours about new discoveries it even gave me cause for hesitation in returning.
(08/27 16:42:33) Calum Traveler: they do seem to understand us, but its very hard for us to understand them.
(08/27 16:43:31) Jules Lavisham: Academic curiosity won out in the end. Always does.
(08/27 16:43:50) Calum Traveler: i can understand that, Jules. heh. ive had my own hesitations in returning, but the sheer fact that stuff is happening draws me back.
(08/27 16:43:57) Calum Traveler: that itch in the back of the mind wondering “What next?”
(08/27 16:44:07) Echo McKenzie: You just love a good mystery, Jules. And this place is full of them.
(08/27 16:44:25) Echo McKenzie: Like… where did all the bodies go?
(08/27 16:44:40) Jules Lavisham: Yup. Always been my downfall.
(08/27 16:45:19) Jules Lavisham looks supiciously from left to right
(08/27 16:45:21) Umo: The M’Orgue
(08/27 16:45:25) Calum Traveler: …haha
(08/27 16:45:32) Umo laughs
(08/27 16:45:39) PhoenixAccio: i couldnt get down here for a few years after i originally completed the Quest. glad to be back, especially now that things are moving again
(08/27 16:45:40) Jules Lavisham: Oooof.
(08/27 16:45:49) Jules Lavisham: *Oooooooooof*.
(08/27 16:46:07) Echo McKenzie: *chortle*
(08/27 16:46:45) Calum Traveler: ill say it is good to see people out and about again. there’s a certain charm to seeing this place alive again.
(08/27 16:47:05) PhoenixAccio: seconded
(08/27 16:47:16) Echo McKenzie: It’s a lonely place when it is all empty
(08/27 16:47:19) Calum Traveler: when D’ni’s quiet it just doesnt feel right,
(08/27 16:47:23) Calum Traveler: yeah. definitely.
(08/27 16:47:38) Jules Lavisham: I’m not going to lie, I intend to make good use of that fully stocked bar.
(08/27 16:47:53) Jules Lavisham: And that library. That *library*.
(08/27 16:47:55) Calum Traveler: ive already snuck some use out of the non alcoholic stuff.
(08/27 16:48:08) Calum Traveler: just having a fresh water tap on hand that’s not bottled or filtered is great
(08/27 16:48:09) Jules Lavisham does a bit of a glee
(08/27 16:48:18) Calum Traveler: the Library holds so much potential
(08/27 16:48:21) Echo McKenzie: hunting new grains out in the Ages? D’nistillery?
(08/27 16:48:35) Calum Traveler: im hopeful that we can get some of the old history of this place written down in there somewhere.
(08/27 16:48:57) Jules Lavisham: Mmm. And possibly some accounts of the restorations.
(08/27 16:49:00) Calum Traveler: there’s a charm to telling it orally, but there’s definitely a limit my throat can take to talking on end heh.
(08/27 16:49:09) Calum Traveler: that’s my main hope too,
(08/27 16:49:22) Jules Lavisham: Came across the Heritage Documents recently. Excellently put together, I must say.
(08/27 16:49:26) Calum Traveler: ive been talking with Korov’ev about potentially getting a copy of the Heritage Docs printed up for the Library.
(08/27 16:49:28) Echo McKenzie: You’ll want to talk to the Guild of Archivists, then.
(08/27 16:49:52) Jules Lavisham: Snap.
(08/27 16:49:56) Jules Lavisham grins
(08/27 16:50:01) Calum Traveler: agreed, Jules, I think Ainia did a great job formatting it.
(08/27 16:50:23) Calum Traveler: and Malfok did a great job editing those chatlogs together too. heh.
(08/27 16:50:39) Jules Lavisham: Heritage docs would be ideal for the library.
(08/27 16:50:43) Calum Traveler: definitely a group effort but im hopeful to see it in Cavern someday, instead of just online.
(08/27 16:50:53) Calum Traveler: print volume seems to be the main issue at the moment, though,
(08/27 16:51:11) Calum Traveler: im pushing for a single run of one volume per chapter, but we’ll see.
(08/27 16:51:17) Echo McKenzie: History is better when it is shared, anyhow
(08/27 16:51:20) Calum Traveler: that it is.
(08/27 16:51:24) Jules Lavisham: Although can it be said to be truly a work of D’ni history if we didn’t go on some bally treasure hunt to unearth them?
(08/27 16:51:38) Calum Traveler would raise the glass of the D’ni historian, but has no glass, so settles for a water bottle
(08/27 16:52:00) Calum Traveler: there’s always more to uncover, this place
(08/27 16:52:01) Echo McKenzie: The D’ni did not understand the concept of “user friendly”, that’s for sure!
(08/27 16:52:06) Calum Traveler: so much we haven’t explored yet,
(08/27 16:52:27) Jules Lavisham: Well, the KI is proof of that.
(08/27 16:52:28) Calum Traveler: I mean, just look at the Messengers Pub, here on Ae’gura, but, wow, i have no idea how anyone would be expected to find it.
(08/27 16:52:35) Calum Traveler: sans book, I mean.
(08/27 16:52:52) Jules Lavisham: Yes, I’ve been meaning to ask, where IS it located exactly?
(08/27 16:52:58) Echo McKenzie: then again, look at all the fiddly bits we do every day, that would probably confuse the heek out of the D’ni.
(08/27 16:53:02) Calum Traveler: somewhere on the wall near the Guild Hall, I believe
(08/27 16:53:18) Calum Traveler: its tall enough that it’s one window views out *higher* than the Arch, at any rate
(08/27 16:53:35) Calum Traveler: the old Baron’s office, for example, is more closer on level to the top of it
(08/27 16:53:57) Jules Lavisham: That’s true enough Echo.
(08/27 16:54:04) Calum Traveler: the KI is one of those mishmashed hybridized pieces of tech that i think everyone is confused about. heh.
(08/27 16:54:25) Calum Traveler: its D’ni tech formatted to work on who know how many language translation ciphers…
(08/27 16:54:56) Echo McKenzie: Laxman worked a wonder just getting it to turn on.
(08/27 16:54:58) Calum Traveler: at this point i think any D’ni looking at it are probably going to be just as confused as we are byt it.
(08/27 16:55:10) Calum Traveler: that he did.
(08/27 16:55:31) Calum Traveler makes a note to buy Laxman a drink if he ever shows up around one of these days…
(08/27 16:55:40) Jules Lavisham: It’s a mercy work folded before the concept of Apps became widespread.
(08/27 16:56:40) Jules Lavisham: Although having a Cyan take on Temple Run installed on them would have been a laugh
(08/27 16:56:56) Calum Traveler starts to laugh
(08/27 16:57:10) Echo McKenzie: oof, can you imagine Angry Birds on the KI? Maybe with flappers instead of birds.
(08/27 16:57:13) Calum Traveler: just ask ’em to make a KI compatible Bug Chucker, that’ll get everyone happy
(08/27 16:57:27) Echo McKenzie: Great minds, Calum.
(08/27 16:57:44) Calum Traveler: XD
(08/27 16:57:57) Echo McKenzie: although I do like the new dice roller. Maybe get a game of Yahtzee going.
(08/27 16:58:05) Echo McKenzie rolled 5d6 with a result of [3, 6, 6, 2, 3] for a total of 20.
(08/27 16:58:15) Calum Traveler: that’s the second time this month ive heard someone suggest that
(08/27 16:58:16) Malaclypse rolled 6d5 with a result of [1, 4, 3, 4, 5, 3] for a total of 20.
(08/27 16:58:20) Jules Lavisham rolled a single six-sided die with a result of 2.
(08/27 16:58:25) Calum Traveler rolled 5d6 with a result of [3, 1, 1, 1, 4] for a total of 10.
(08/27 16:58:35) Jules Lavisham rolled 5d2 with a result of [1, 2, 2, 2, 2] for a total of 9.
(08/27 16:58:43) Malaclypse loves the concept of five-sided dice
(08/27 16:58:58) Echo McKenzie: oh, nicely done, Jules
(08/27 16:59:17) Calum Traveler: the nice thing about the /roll is that the KI just handles the number generation… a 2 sided die is basically a coin XD
(08/27 16:59:42) Calum Traveler: hmm… now we need to get a /cointoss feature added.
(08/27 16:59:43) Jules Lavisham: Splendid. My journey to become the next Two-Face has begun.
(08/27 16:59:52) Malaclypse rolled a single 11-sided die with a result of 2.
(08/27 17:00:18) Echo McKenzie rolled a single 100-sided die with a result of 23.
(08/27 17:00:28) Calum Traveler rolled 5d5 with a result of [4, 3, 1, 5, 2] for a total of 15.
(08/27 17:00:42) Jules Lavisham: Typical. A week or so of renewed attention to the cavern and we’ve already made gambling widesread.
(08/27 17:00:50) Jules Lavisham: … twenty three?
(08/27 17:01:00) Echo McKenzie: now we have to come up with a game that uses non-platonic solid dice 🙂
(08/27 17:01:19) Calum Traveler: hey, its better that we have fun rolling dice endlessly than throw rocks off cliffs into the lake
(08/27 17:01:28) Calum Traveler: or kick cones, for that matter
(08/27 17:01:36) Calum Traveler misses the Ae’gura cone population fondly for a moment…
(08/27 17:01:38) Echo McKenzie: I miss conehenge, though.
(08/27 17:01:53) Calum Traveler: i havent seen a good Conehenge in years
(08/27 17:02:11) Jules Lavisham: Conehenge, where the D’ni dwell…
(08/27 17:02:17) Malaclypse: There was one in DRC 17something a few days ago.
(08/27 17:02:29) Calum Traveler: oh? nice
(08/27 17:02:51) Jules Lavisham: … where the Bahro live and they do live well…
(08/27 17:03:09) Echo McKenzie gives Jules the side eye.
(08/27 17:03:22) Jules Lavisham: Oh gods, I’m going to have to check to see if the Zero goes up to 11 now.
(08/27 17:03:26) Echo McKenzie: You are trying to give me an earworm.
(08/27 17:03:30) Calum Traveler chuckles at the rhyming.
(08/27 17:04:03) Echo McKenzie: Oh, dear… are we going to have to introduce Calum to Spinal Tap?
(08/27 17:04:16) Calum Traveler: lemme guess, music group?
(08/27 17:04:22) Calum Traveler: is it pop, rock, or jazz?
(08/27 17:04:23) Malaclypse: Mockumentary.
(08/27 17:04:27) Calum Traveler: ahh
(08/27 17:04:27) Jules Lavisham: Metal.
(08/27 17:04:33) Calum Traveler: Ahh!
(08/27 17:04:36) Echo McKenzie: High Sillyness.
(08/27 17:04:42) Calum Traveler: nice.
(08/27 17:04:47) Calum Traveler adds it to the to-do list…
(08/27 17:04:58) Malaclypse: Sort of like All You Need is Cash, turned up to 11 😛
(08/27 17:05:14) Jules Lavisham: David St Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel and Derek Smalls. One of England’s loudest bands in existence.
(08/27 17:05:36) Echo McKenzie: Ah, now if we coulg just get an imager to stream video, we could have movie night in cavern!
(08/27 17:05:56) Echo McKenzie: now I really miss Laxman.
(08/27 17:06:09) Malaclypse: At the time, ignoring the fact that that honour belonged to Motorhead, which was founded on the premise that they were so loud, “if they moved in next door, your lawn would die.”
(08/27 17:06:28) Calum Traveler: it would be nice if we could get imagers streaming video,
(08/27 17:06:40) Calum Traveler: or atleast get a film projector set up, maybe…
(08/27 17:06:51) Malaclypse: Which reminds me: Public Service Spam: Sunday from 1300 KI time, Radio Free D’ni will ask, What’s That Sound?
(08/27 17:07:51) Calum Traveler scribles in another thing to the to-do list- “Find a place to set up a projector somewhere”
(08/27 17:08:02) Jules Lavisham: Mmm. I quite fancy a move night. Or a chance to subject folks to some classic Doctor Who.
(08/27 17:08:37) Calum Traveler: sounds like fun to me
(08/27 17:08:50) Jules Lavisham: Billy Hartnell and his epic line flubs. Always a hoot.
(08/27 17:09:01) Calum Traveler: hehe
(08/27 17:09:13) Umo: That must be Buffalo Springfield or Name that tune.
(08/27 17:09:16) Calum Traveler: even the most professional of actors can flub a line or two… or six… or twenty
(08/27 17:09:38) Calum Traveler: after a point it just becomes improv and not line flubbing and people assume you’re doing it intentionally. 😛
(08/27 17:10:06) Umo: Jim Carrey
(08/27 17:10:33) Umo: outtakes you can see how genius his flubs and improv are
(08/27 17:10:34) Jules Lavisham: To be fair, it felt totally in-character for the 1st Doc
(08/27 17:11:04) Calum Traveler: Carrey did pretty good in the Sonic Movie, i thought.
(08/27 17:11:07) Umo: So whats that sound?
(08/27 17:11:14) Umo: I havent seen that
(08/27 17:11:17) Calum Traveler: managed to catch that in theaters before everything went topsyturvy on the surface.
(08/27 17:11:20) Umo: he got robbed by covid 😦
(08/27 17:11:28) Umo: Yes 😦
(08/27 17:11:55) Calum Traveler: got the dvd, need to rewatch it at some point, just been too busy.
(08/27 17:12:35) Umo: I think back in his very active phase, they would go along with huge parts of his improv and just rewrite the script
(08/27 17:12:52) Umo: Hhahaha
(08/27 17:12:56) Umo: I love Carrey
(08/27 17:12:58) Umo: 😀
(08/27 17:13:10) Rhys waves hello
(08/27 17:13:14) Umo waves hello
(08/27 17:13:16) Calum Traveler: a good actor can make a show greater by going off script… even if the writers tend to get annoyed by it at times 😛
(08/27 17:13:17) Calum Traveler waves hello
(08/27 17:13:40) From Rhys in D’ni-Ae’gura: :))
(08/27 17:13:42) Umo: Mal so is What’s That Sound? Buffalo Springfield or Name That Tune?
(08/27 17:13:50) Echo McKenzie: See also “Robin Williams”, of blessed memory.
(08/27 17:14:11) Calum Traveler fondly remembers…
(08/27 17:14:43) Umo: Robin Williams seemd to have mental problems with me, way back to Mork and Mindy. he never made me laugh. He must have been a very nice person in real life though.
(08/27 17:15:12) Umo: I still have his album, Reality What A Concept, still in shrinkwrap
(08/27 17:16:09) Umo: I envy hyperactive people though, they know how to be around people, and talk to anybody. It has benefits.
(08/27 17:16:33) Jules Lavisham: Right, on that note I need to kip. Still running on surface time, hasn’t quite sync’d up yet.
(08/27 17:16:41) Umo: Hyper people make good first impressions
(08/27 17:16:46) Calum Traveler: talk to you later, Jules.
(08/27 17:16:48) Calum Traveler: rest well
(08/27 17:16:59) Jules Lavisham: Will do.
(08/27 17:17:08) Echo McKenzie: I should go, too. Have some stories to finish writing down.
(08/27 17:17:16) Jules Lavisham: And it was lovely seeing you, Echo. Guessing you’re going to be around for the forseeable?
(08/27 17:17:32) Echo McKenzie: Indeed. I’ll be around
(08/27 17:17:46) Echo McKenzie: Come and find me. Time with you is never wasted.
(08/27 17:17:55) Jules Lavisham: I’d be up for revisting some of our old stomping grounds together.
(08/27 17:18:29) Echo McKenzie: that would be lovely
(08/27 17:18:39) Calum Traveler: it was good seeing you again, Echo. 🙂
(08/27 17:18:40) Jules Lavisham smiles
(08/27 17:18:44) Calum Traveler: same, Jules,
(08/27 17:18:53) Echo McKenzie: And you, Calum.
(08/27 17:19:03) Calum Traveler: i think im going to go find a seat in the Pub and crash for a bit. ^^;
(08/27 17:19:06) Echo McKenzie: Walk gently, both of you.
(08/27 17:19:11) Calum Traveler waves goodbye
(08/27 17:19:12) Jules Lavisham: Take care all. Catch you on the flip.
(08/27 17:19:20) Calum Traveler: later
(08/27 17:19:21) Jules Lavisham (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/27 17:19:49) …Chat.log stopped.

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