Personal: Surveying.

Returned to Pod 12. The Fall wasn’t too bad- about the same as a fully flattened Jalak Link-in I think. Still not something I’d want to repeat endlessly. So, new book writing it’ll be, likely, once I get the materials for it, if I get the materials for it.

Did a little surveying and resketching of the environment. It’s a bit rough, but I think it conveys the situation well without my needing to go back and forth between the place. Previous sketches I did are now… well. Fairly inaccurate given the stone shelf collapse. There’s still some active lava flowing over into the old magma pond, but… Interestingly it doesn’t seem to be overflowing. I think there’s probably some drainage elsewhere going on that’s perpetuating some kind of strange back and forth zen cycle of lava flowing in and flowing out without having much chance to cool down.

Which I would say goes against the laws of thermodynamics, but you never know with age writing. Who knows what this pod was originally meant to be viewing BEYOND the oasis. Maybe this place was originally pretty geothermically active back in the day and that’s what it was observing? Would certainly explain the precarious placement of the pod if, say, this used to be an active volcanic magma chamber.

Crazy D’ni Museum Pod makers. You stick ONE pod in space and decide active Lava Flows can’t be any more crazy.



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