Personal: Time Sink

Found the old Pod 12 book I’d used back in the day. It’s been… a bit too long since I was last here. Way too long. And now the book I have is practically useless.

I thought something was off with the Linking Panel when I inspected it before linking. Something about the image just was wrong. Can’t really describe it now that I’m looking at it in person and seeing something completely different. Should’ve taken a picture, I guess.

It looks like the structural collapse of the ground that originally caused the Pod to fall into the oasis below it worsened over the last few years I’ve been away and not actively tending to the supports. I think the pressure from the lava system cracked and wormed its way through the back wall, weakening it enough that the first time anyone linked in after caused the whole cliff wall to start to collapse.

That is to say, me, though Fortunately I wasn’t on it at the time.

The point the Pod originally linked into is now completely in the air with nothing below it to catch someone’s fall. The shelf wall that caught people when first linking in is just. It’s gone now. I’m lucky I managed to climb down the ladders I installed before everything went wrong. Guess the weight I put on everything is what finally did it in. I don’t weigh that much, but it was enough with the wall weakened.

I linked in using my left hand, my right holding onto my Relto book incase something went wrong. Paranoia could have paid off, I guess. By the time I realized what the loud cracking noise meant I was already opening the book as it was. By the time I would have felt the ground fall out from under me, I would have already been linking.

I couldn’t help but think what would have happened if I was on there when it fell.

What did Phil Henderson feel when the Guild Hall collapsed around him? The Crack, the rumble, the moment of sheer terror as the ground vanished beneath your feet? He didn’t have his Relto Book. The Bahro had to have saved him somehow. I was lucky to be on the ground, and that nobody else linked in after me.

One hell of a show, though.

There was a low rumble when I’d linked in, top shelf felt unstable, and I’d cleared off down the ladders fast as I could.

Looks like the first shelf collapse caught the second shelf, which tore out and hit the third, spewing some lava into the air from both points. Some of that lava went pretty far- cleared straight over the pond in the middle of this little canyon. I dunno if it landed in the pathway the animals used to come down here for a drink or not, but if it did…

Well, this place may have just become a whole lot more sealed off than it already was.

As far as I can tell the third shelf is fine, but it’s just buried beneath the first two and some of that lava. The steam generator definitely has been crushed by some of the rocks, but that’s close enough to the newly active lava flow AND the old lava fissure that I was getting the steam power from that I’m steering clear of it until things start to cool down and harden. No sense burning myself trying to inspect the damage.

This is going to be one hell of a mess to clean up if I decide to go that route.

Time to check the interior of the pod.

Well, that’s a lot of no good shoddy construction work. Why’d I go for wood for again? Probably because it was lighter to link with when I was younger.

Yeah, everything I built in here collapsed ages ago. There’s a fine layer of dust covering everything that hasn’t been disturbed in a very long time. Fortunately I wasn’t storing anything important in this place… except the old journal covering everything I’d done here. Moved it all out to Elsewhere when I quit Heritage Night, I think. Still, this book’s trashed. Empty bedframe landed on it with enough speed and at the right angle to spear through it. Ouch.

So this project just became a hell of a lot more time consuming. I’m basically going to be starting from scratch again. Clearing the debris from the shelves alone is going to be a pain. Stabilizing the wall is the top priority, though. No sense clearing out all this stuff to put in new stuff if the walls are just going to keep collapsing every time there’s a small tremor or something links in with enough force to jar the ground a bit.

Do I commit to it? Do I even have the time to restore this place again?

What to do, what to do…

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