Personal: I’ve Been Thinking

On a less depressing tangent to yesterday’s latenight entry, I’ve been thinking about the Rime Crystals and how they work. More than that, working on that draft post has had me thinking about writing my own age again.

I tried it once, years ago, in the conceptual sort of thing. See what my mind could imagine before I ever set pen to paper, as it were. Came up with this floating crystal mass of who knows what. Seemed dumb at the time, focused on other things like trying to break out of Payiferen to go exploring for the next closest pod. Hah.

But I’m thinking now I may want to revisit that concept. If Katran could write Crystals into Tay that could power Gehn’s broken Linking Books, and Atrus could write Rime’s morphological crystals into existence… why Can’t I write an age with Morphological Crystals too?

Size, shape, color, density, it shouldn’t be too hard to write, should it? I mean heck, I don’t even need to write something that’s inherently stable Earth or ground, if Spire is a valid example of an Age. (Here’s hoping Revelation was an accurate adaptation in that regard.)

Plus there’s the Lattice and the Great Zero to consider. Where did the D’ni get THOSE crystals from? What age are they from? HOW did they move such massive things and more importantly HOW do they defy gravity like that?

Crystals. It all comes back to crystals. The things Sirrus could DO with Spire’s crystals… Dangerous if in the wrong hands. No, something inherently unstable like a shape changing crystal would not be an age I’d want people visiting without a Maintainer Suit. If I did ever write that age, I’d lock it up tight and make sure people can’t get into it.

Ah, but Do I even have the TIME to start looking into writing an age? Heek, when’s the last time I’ve even set foot back in Pod 12? I oughta revisit that place before I ever think about writing a new Age full of crystals and nothingness.

Morphological Crystal age. Talk about an ambitious first concept. Sure swinging for the fences here, ain’t we, Calum?

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