PERSONAL: Too Many whys

Some days, you just wanna think about nothing at all, and instead think on so much other stuff than you should be.

I’ve been thinking about the Bahro War, lately. How we still don’t know what’s going on with Yeesha and how that’s all going on… 12 years.

12 years and we still don’t know much of anything.

I keep coming back to WHY. Why are the Twisted ones still chasing her for a piece of skin that badly, if it IS that Bahro’s missing skin they’re after? Why? Why chase after it for so long? Why is it THAT important?

Another thing I come back to is another Why, but different. Why didn’t the Twisted Bahro just gather together and *manipulate* the Age of Earth in some way?

Thing is I think they DID try. We never did learn what triggered the Great Scream, I don’t think? Which side did it? Why it happened?

Why didn’t anyone think to ask Dr. Watson back in 07 about it? Had we all forgotten about it that soon?

Good grief. Why? Why didn’t we dig into that as soon as we found out about the war?

Now I can’t help but to wonder if the cave Wheely and Rose died in was related, somehow.

If the Scream WAS an attempt at an attack on D’ni and Earth and the other Ages, then why stop at just causing some collapses in the Cavern and reset everyones’ ages? Why mass link people? Why take them to their Reltos? Why GRAB people off of the Surface??

As one series of events from one set of actors it just doesn’t make sense. Just like why the Bahro in the cave would tend to Wheely’s thirst one minute, then actively kill her hours later. Because it wasn’t one Bahro. It had to have been two. Two sides, two wars. Two opposing forces.

The Great Scream had to be two fold. One side started ramping up for destruction, the other triggered the mass link and intervened to stop the damage. It reset things. It changed things. WHY would the Bahro do that? What was the cause???

But those questions hinge on assuming they’re a united front. But they aren’t. They weren’t. Two sides. Maybe more. Sides Sides Sides.

So why didn’t the Twisted ones try again?

What stopped them from being able to just gather together and mass manipulate the Ages again? We know the good ones were intervening to protect us, but what does that MEAN? How? Why? Where? What did they do??

The only thing I can figure is that the Bahro’s ability to warp ages and manipulate Space Time isn’t some innate genetic ability. Like their Ability to Link, it has to be something limited in some way.

The Slates in Myst 5 are the only obvious factor- the symbols too. Why did the Bahro in the cave with Wheely not just link her out?? Why why why why why. So many WHYS. What was any of this happening for?

The Bahro gave her water when she drew the symbol from the game- so the symbols and the writing the Game provided us have to be accurate to some degree. Makes sense if Watson gave Cyan photos and such. So why didn’t it summon RAIN? Why did it cure her thirst? Why didn’t we notice rain in the Cavern, or on the surface??

The symbols have to be key to some degree, but the Bahro play a role in it too. They don’t just warp space at their whims. They have to focus on a symbol and perform some kind of dance and scream to the heavens if they’re doing something- if Myst 5 is to be believed. We’ve never seen a Bahro do ANYTHING like that outside of the game. All their other stunts we’ve seen have been prepared for us, or are basic linking.

So why can’t they just do it natively? Why is the restriction towards symbols carved or drawn onto something?

Is it because they simply aren’t capable of manipulating an Age without some kind of device to allow it to work?

Are the Bahro simply Link-Tool users like the D’ni? Like us?? What Yeesha and the Bahro have been doing over the years, they’ve got to just be extensions of the Art. What they’re doing is breaking rules in-so-far as they’re manufactured rules by the D’ni- not laws of nature that simply *exist* in a system. The restrictions HAVE to be natural barriers the Bahro can’t overcome, or else the Twisted Bahro would simply have rocks-falled-everyone-died us before anyone realized what was happening.

So WHY haven’t they TRIED it? Why chase after that missing shoulder skin?

What am I missing here?

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