Personal: Setup and… Wha??


Closed the fissure, thought I’d come in early to try and set up for recording, only to wind up finding watchers covered with near about 50 people already. (46 currently).

It’s 7:21. The event isn’t til 1300…. that’s six hours from now.

We certainly are an eager bunch, aren’t we?

I should see about getting breakfast somehow….

EDIT1: 10:14, and we’re over 100 people here in Watchers. That’s amazing. I never thought I’d see the day.

I’ve already got a few shots with my camera and a submitted KI pic of the crowd so far. This is going to be one long afternoon. Hoo Boy.

EDIT2: 115, and Watcher’s pop cap was raised from 200 to 300. Hooooo. BOY.

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