PERSONAL: Reflection.

Spent some time in the new Messenger’s Pub after the release. It was fun, getting to hang out and chat with people face to face like this. It was like Mysterium, except in D’ni. This place could make for a nice secondary con-room in future Mysteriums like this year.

Something about the air down here in D’ni is better than on the surface. Maybe people are onto something about the latent Teledahn spores.

Regardless, I think the new Pub’s going to be the hit cultural hub of the next few weeks/months. Watchers maybe tangentially more so given, well. Hah. Everything.

Took a break, had some DINNER. Time to sneak back down and get some reporting work done…


My neighbors and buddies lists are full to capacity. It’s a nice sight. Time to do some serious sightseeing though…

Or rather, wait until after I post some chat logs. Hah.

First up UO imager updated with news links. Next is…


Well, someone got creative with the cones. Heh…

Next is Chiso Preniv, I suppose.

It’s an interesting age, huge library, reminiscent in the style of the Myst Library in architecture.

There’s one decorative bookcase covered in presently blank books, but looks to be an interesting shelf space for the moment. Hope to see some of these fakes get replaced with real volumes at some point. Real Linking Books too, one day.

…And in walks J.D. Barnes while I’m writing this. Small Cavern.

Gotta love the views here. Standing on the balconies, looking out over the large room. The little writers guild emblems on the floor in places… the giant tree rug…

It’s one hell of an impressive place.

Onto the Memorial Age.

VEELAY. Veelay. Veeeee..Laaayy.

It’s a floating island structure on what seems to be an endless ocean. The sky is tidally locked towards space, it seems, so the water reflects the stars and makes it seem like we’re in space.


What a fitting place for the D’ni, and now the Explorers, to use as a Memorial age.

The walking path around the exterior is going to be good for some silent thought running. A good way to clear the mind. If Yeesha ever gave us a Relto Page during this time, i’d hope it was this sky.

The Upper pathways have their balconies and little meditative spots, all of it ascending upwards to a pinnacle point. A point with a small flame, and several journals.

Names of the lost, and the dead. Gone, but not forgotten.

Given surface events I can see this place becoming needed for a lot of people, myself included. I may spend some time here… but it also hurts. being here. Knowing some of the people whose names are etched into these books and their pages.

I’m moving on.

People are gathering in the Library and chatting…

And I’ve gotten distracted talking with familiar faces and old friends. Hehehe. A return to the pub can wait.

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