Random moments from Marten’s Log.

[Select snipits collected from Marten’s provided Chatlog from today’s events that may be of amusement.

Likely contains OOC across the board. lol.]

(08/21 12:58:38) Chogon: The max so far is 383 explorers in MOULa. This is so crazy awesome!
(08/21 12:58:44) Susa’n: I refilled my hummingbird feeder this morning
(08/21 12:58:47) EdisonRex: yay!
(08/21 12:58:49) Christian Walther cheers
(08/21 12:58:49) TheScar(.fr): :))
(08/21 12:58:50) yodawave leans left
(08/21 12:58:50) Hander: wow
(08/21 12:58:55) dgelessus: how are the servers holding up, Chogon?
(08/21 12:58:57) Lu* leans right
(08/21 12:58:57) Hander: 383
(08/21 12:58:59) yodawave starts to laugh
(08/21 12:59:01) Hummingbird: i have so many susa
(08/21 12:59:04) Susa’n: yay Chogon!
(08/21 12:59:04) MindWalker: Is that a record?
(08/21 12:59:06) Hander: insane
(08/21 12:59:06) Sussaro enlists the help of her Border Collie to round up and organise the avvie sheeps
(08/21 12:59:07) Jet Blast: great moment 🙂 I hope CYAN would appreciate how fan we are all 🙂
(08/21 12:59:12) Hummingbird: no live fil
(08/21 12:59:23) Susa’n: this event is timed well after Mysterium
(08/21 12:59:25) Chogon: Servers were as hign as 15% CPU – holding well!
(08/21 12:59:25) Lu*: bonsoir Jet 🙂
(08/21 12:59:26) Prad: dont think so. fil is more of a live artist
(08/21 12:59:30) D’br-ah: Chogon.. with that number.. No wonder the lag.
(08/21 12:59:33) Ro”Jethhe cheers
(08/21 12:59:37) EdisonRex: that has to be a record since Moula started
(08/21 12:59:54) EdisonRex: maybe not back in gametap
(08/21 12:59:54) shineyjo: yes what’s the all-time highest population?
(08/21 12:59:59) Hummingbird sings LOUDER
(08/21 13:00:02) DaftCashew: crowd is definitely starting to thin a bit
(08/21 13:00:12) Susa’n: did anyone make a chatlog from the beginning of this event?
(08/21 13:00:19) Hander: @Chogon we need a wide display in every hood to translate such events
(08/21 13:00:25) Hummingbird: yes susa’n
(08/21 13:00:32) EdisonRex: Calum did a log
(08/21 13:00:35) Sussaro: I am sure someone is chatlogging
(08/21 13:00:40) dgelessus: we are down to 136 people in the Watcher’s Pub now – progress!
(08/21 13:00:44) Susa’n: great; perhaps you could send it to GoMe for publication on its site?
(08/21 13:00:45) Prad: achatlog which dont crashed of course 🙂
(08/21 13:00:48) TheScar(.fr) claps his hands
(08/21 13:00:49) Sussaro: be a book
(08/21 13:00:56) dgelessus: Calum has already published the log on his blog
(08/21 13:01:00) W. Artean claps his hands
(08/21 13:01:03) Chogon: I would have to go back in the archives to see the GameTap high – but this has to be pretty close!
(08/21 13:01:06) Hummingbird claps her hands
(08/21 13:01:45) Susa’n: Calum, would you please send the chatlog to GOMe for publication on their site?

CAL NOTE: I don’t think I was there yet to reply to this at the time, but, sure, I guess?? *checks GOMe site…*

Seems like they’ve already been aware of my post and included a link to the blog on a news article. Do I submit it anyways I guess? Or, rather, I’ll do one better and reiterate:

I’m okay with people copying chatlogs from this sit as long as proper credit to submitted logs is maintained. For example any snipits of log from this page should be Credited To Marten.

(08/21 13:02:37) Chogon: Yes, GameTap ended in 2007
(08/21 13:02:41) TheScar(.fr): (del key = suppr key on french keyboard)
(08/21 13:02:46) Jet Blast: thank you Fil 🙂
(08/21 13:02:46) Susa’n: I think it was 2008
(08/21 13:02:50) Prad taps his feet to the rhythm on this game – a gametap


(08/21 13:21:57) Jet Blast: hello Calum 🙂
(08/21 13:22:00) Calum Traveler: chatlog of the event is now live on my blog for the moment, and im uploading the video of the event
(08/21 13:22:06) Lu*: Hello Calum 🙂 WB
(08/21 13:22:15) soliwit: Thanks Calum!
(08/21 13:22:19) Magic Mir: Hi Calum

CAL NOTE: Nope! I definitely wasn’t there for your request, Susa’n. Sorry!


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