CHAT LOG: Patrick in Chiso Preniv

Explorer Toms provided me with a Chatlog in Chiso Preniv, involving Patrick as he talked about what we would find.


[NOTE: Log is presented with notes as provided, and may include unculled OOC content and typos.]


(08/21 20:15:21) Patrick Dulebohn: Note that there are only two Books so far, but there will be more down the line.
(08/21 20:15:49) Julius Geezer does a dance
(08/21 20:15:55) Patrick Dulebohn: Also, I’d like to put writings, pictures and such on the shelves too. Explorer chronices for others to read.
(08/21 20:15:59) Attaboy20: sir
(08/21 20:16:02) Attaboy20: I must ask you to get off the table
(08/21 20:16:04) Patrick Dulebohn: Short stories, poetry, what have you.
(08/21 20:16:10) Iseeicy2: There’s so much room…
(08/21 20:16:13) Julius Geezer: i was giving a show
(08/21 20:16:22) Toms: sounds like a wonderful idea
(08/21 20:16:36) Patrick Dulebohn: And some sunshine from outside. Don’t mind the hole in the roof, we made sure things are still structurally sound.
(08/21 20:16:38) Iseeicy2: So fellow explorers can attempt to write an age as well?
(08/21 20:17:02) Toms: wait therse a hole in teh roof where?
(08/21 20:17:03) Taruun (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:17:13) Patrick Dulebohn: Oh, I’m sure you can find it.
(08/21 20:17:14) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/21 20:17:16) Red Herring: spiffy
(08/21 20:17:27) davidmax: Esto va para el recuerdo
(08/21 20:17:30) Toms: oh i see it now (facepalm)
(08/21 20:17:33) davidmax: Im recording this video
(08/21 20:17:39) Toms: same
(08/21 20:17:39) Lambda (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:17:42) Zeke365: Same
(08/21 20:18:07) Toms: thiner books than i exspected
(08/21 20:18:08) Darin Wolfe (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:18:09) Max Welrod (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:18:25) Toms: probbaly just me
(08/21 20:18:25) Marn (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:18:28) Iseeicy2: There’s D’ni numbering on the floor here but it doesn’t seem to be in order…?
(08/21 20:18:33) Iseeicy2: Anybody see this?

Questions begin here
(08/21 20:26:34) Chat.log started…
(08/21 20:27:45) minidanjer yawns
(08/21 20:27:52) Prad: il est la deja?
(08/21 20:28:01) r’Tayrtahn: Time for me to go. I’ll be back later. Have fun in Chiso, everyone!
(08/21 20:28:02) rustyflame: 2 books in the age you are going to
(08/21 20:28:08) Hander: i like how people leave for *good* (literally)
(08/21 20:28:29) Filbert: see you later r’T
(08/21 20:28:30) Adi: HUH
(08/21 20:28:44) Claidi Song: Bye r’Tay
(08/21 20:28:46) axenna: Bye rtay!
(08/21 20:28:50) AdrianGreen: trumpled
(08/21 20:29:40) Squee Fruit does a dance
(08/21 20:29:42) Patrick Dulebohn: I’m very excited to see so many! The cavern is alive again.
(08/21 20:29:44) Patrick Dulebohn smiles
(08/21 20:29:49) Squee Fruit claps her hands
(08/21 20:29:51) Briggs nods his head
(08/21 20:29:52) Baronwyn cheers
(08/21 20:30:05) Briggs: This is only the beginning!
(08/21 20:30:10) Patrick Dulebohn: Indeed!
(08/21 20:30:26) Patrick Dulebohn: This is just the beginning. The opening of the door. Now, anyone can come through.
(08/21 20:30:43) Squee Fruit: Will there be an official time to visit the other Ages?
(08/21 20:30:46) WaySeeeker waves hello
(08/21 20:30:57) WaySeeeker waves hello
(08/21 20:31:21) Toms: patrick just so you know i just had a strange experince in the new pub, i was ruuning round one of teh upper balconys and i sudenly started stutering on the spot.
(08/21 20:31:21) Captain Trips (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:31:22) C.J.Herkeless: i am in chiso and it is so nice to be somewhere you can control your avatar again
(08/21 20:31:23) Marn (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:31:26) Patrick Dulebohn: I figure it best to just let people run around and explore. I’m sure after the cramped environment of the Pub, they’re itching to stretch their legs.
(08/21 20:31:39) Cat Dragonash: Thank you patrick for the speech. I know Piperdriver/Thor would have loved it.
(08/21 20:31:50) Patrick Dulebohn: Although I think it’d be great to have events in the Guild of Messengers Pub in Ae’gura now that it’s open to all.
(08/21 20:32:23) Patrick Dulebohn: I do miss those that are no longer with us at times like these.
(08/21 20:34:28) Julius Geezer beckons you
(08/21 20:34:34) Iseeicy2 blows you a kiss
(08/21 20:35:06) yourbible: found a quick way back to the library behind the bar.
(08/21 20:36:05) Toms: yes a linking book to teh libuary is in teh storeroom behind teh bar
(08/21 20:36:06) Baronwyn (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:36:06) Max Welrod (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:36:48) Toms does a dance
(08/21 20:36:48)
(08/21 20:38:21) Maurus: ahhh so it is public
(08/21 20:38:25) Briggs: I’d really like to see a Chiso linking book in our bookshelves, but I don’t know if that’s possible….
(08/21 20:38:27) Toms: the pedel in thenew bar is facinating people
(08/21 20:38:37) Patrick Dulebohn: Shame we don’t have Yeesha’s cell number. We could really use her insights on how she Wrote Relto.
(08/21 20:38:48) Patrick Dulebohn: If the D’ni even have cell numbers. Ha!
(08/21 20:38:58) Toms: ki number maybe?
(08/21 20:39:06) Toms: if she even has one
(08/21 20:39:07) Darin Wolfe (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:39:09) Marn: Ah, of course she’s always been a recluse with her understanding of the Art!
(08/21 20:39:14) Narameh: Will Chesno be accesible from Relto library? Or only via nexus and pub?
(08/21 20:39:24) Acorn1: Hooray, made it!
(08/21 20:39:58) Marn: I’m off to explore more! Take care patrick, I’ll see you later!
(08/21 20:40:02) Patrick Dulebohn: So far, only the Watcher’s Pub. We’re not entirely sure how these Books appear on your Relto shelves, but we suspect it’s Yeesha’s Writing.
(08/21 20:40:13) Patrick Dulebohn: Another reason we’d love to talk with her.
(08/21 20:40:27) Narameh: Thanks patric, so choose carefully which book to pick from here or you have to requee 😀
(08/21 20:40:27) Toms: best of luck with that
(08/21 20:41:04) Patrick Dulebohn: Note that, after you Link to one of the two Ages, there should be a Linking Book to both the Nexus and Chiso in each.
(08/21 20:41:20) Patrick Dulebohn: Although the GoMe Pub’s is a bit harder to find.
(08/21 20:41:21) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/21 20:41:58) Briggs: Sorry again about that door…
(08/21 20:42:00) Toms: people keep messign with the pedel near the gome pub book
(08/21 20:42:01) PhoenixAccio (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:42:17) Patrick Dulebohn: In any case, if we can figure out what Yeesha did to certain books, we may be able to get them to appear on your shelves. But as you know, the Art isn’t something to be used lightly.
(08/21 20:42:31) Patrick Dulebohn: We could very well ruin the Linking Books too, and there are only so many at the moment.
(08/21 20:42:43) Briggs: I still suspect there’s something mechanical going on with that shelf
(08/21 20:42:49) Briggs: reminds me so much of the nexus
(08/21 20:43:04) Patrick Dulebohn: Relto is still very much a mystery…much like its Writer.
(08/21 20:43:05) Patrick Dulebohn nods
(08/21 20:43:06) Toms: the sliders are certainly mechanical in nature
(08/21 20:43:06) yourbible (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:43:08) Purp (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:43:09) Ata: whoa
(08/21 20:43:11) Julius Geezer does a dance
(08/21 20:43:14) Ata: i can sit on chairs
(08/21 20:43:35) Patrick Dulebohn: If you like places to sit, there are plenty in the Guild of Messengers Pub!
(08/21 20:43:42) Ata does a dance
(08/21 20:43:46) Iseeicy2: The pub is very very tight
(08/21 20:44:09) Patrick Dulebohn: Again, if you don’t want to go back through via the Watcher’s Pub, there are Linking Books back here to Chiso in both the Pub and Veelay Tsahvahn.
(08/21 20:44:10) Iseeicy2: So much work went into restoring it I’m sure… The logs start in 2013~!
(08/21 20:44:22) Patrick Dulebohn: I know it’s probably still crowded over there.
(08/21 20:44:24) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/21 20:44:46) Toms: its certianly some impresive restoration work
(08/21 20:44:46) Iseeicy2 (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:44:46) Purp (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:44:47) Silly Force (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:45:18) …Chat.log stopped.

More questions answered in this section

(08/21 20:45:27) Chat.log started…
(08/21 20:45:32) Zeke365: yep it is impressive I have name Exploer Restoriation Conciel or ERC for short
(08/21 20:45:41) Tohumah: lets go daddio
(08/21 20:45:59) Squee Fruit does a dance
(08/21 20:46:04) Patrick Dulebohn: Actually, I think that one was taken years ago. I’m not 100 percent sure on that though.
(08/21 20:46:06) Zeke365: thansk for a historic event
(08/21 20:46:12) Patrick Dulebohn: ERC, that is.
(08/21 20:46:21) Zeke365: ah
(08/21 20:46:44) Patrick Dulebohn: Anytime, Zeke…although I think I may make future Book placements a bit more incognito.
(08/21 20:46:46) Patrick Dulebohn winks
(08/21 20:47:13) Toms: thats understandable and would certainly make things intresting
(08/21 20:47:15) Patrick Dulebohn: So your best bet would be to keep checking back! Never know what’ll pop up.
(08/21 20:47:36) Patrick Dulebohn: I like the mystery of what’s coming next. The DRC had it right in that regard.
(08/21 20:48:05) Zeke365: its just like animal crossing keep coming back to see the new changes
(08/21 20:48:59) Tweek: Scorpion Age confirmed!
(08/21 20:49:13) Toms laughs
(08/21 20:49:13) Patrick Dulebohn: Or like back in 2007, before Cate Alexander began pushing the DRC too hard. Or at least that’s what I hear.
(08/21 20:49:42) Boywhith: Wow… it worked!
(08/21 20:49:52) Hanfoldo1: everyone do /dance
(08/21 20:49:59) Patrick Dulebohn: Heh, I never thought this would make a good dance floor…but alas, I have been shown the light!
(08/21 20:50:06) Dr.Vey117 does a dance
(08/21 20:50:13) Hanfoldo1 does a dance
(08/21 20:50:14) Toms: partick quick question was the exsterior of this libuary and the age its is in explored during its restoration
(08/21 20:50:16) explosiveramen (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:50:26) Dr.Vey117 does a dance
(08/21 20:50:35) Toms: or is that soemthing you would want to keep unkown for now?
(08/21 20:50:35) explosiveramen (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:50:55) Patrick Dulebohn: Again, only recently have we made it outside. We’ve found a rather secret exit, but given that things are not very hospitable out there, we’ve chosen to keep it closed for now.
(08/21 20:51:16) Patrick Dulebohn: Despite how it looks, think Negilahn as far as wildlife.
(08/21 20:51:33) Boywhith: I don’t see my own chat… can someone confirm he sees it?
(08/21 20:51:37) Toms: aperances can be deceptive
(08/21 20:51:38) phoenixRisen (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:51:50) Patrick Dulebohn: Luckily, most of the dangerous animals are unable to fit in the hole in the ceiling. That’s a small blessing.
(08/21 20:52:00) Toms: thanks thats good to know
(08/21 20:52:01) Omiahn (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:52:33) Moiety Jean waves hello
(08/21 20:52:36) Tweek waves hello
(08/21 20:52:37) PhoenixAccio: most?
(08/21 20:52:38) C.J.Herkeless waves hello
(08/21 20:52:39) Briggs grins
(08/21 20:52:56) Tweek: Hi Jean, I’d chat but I’m afraid I must continue my writing…
(08/21 20:52:58) Moiety Jean: how are the chairs? comfy?
(08/21 20:53:07) Zeke365: hint of mystery keep zeke interged
(08/21 20:53:08) Briggs: Surprisngly so, Jean
(08/21 20:53:19) Moiety Jean: uh oh… you don’t have a trapped spouse do you?
(08/21 20:53:24) Patrick Dulebohn: I’m quite sure whoever made that chair in the Baron’s office did those as well.
(08/21 20:53:37) Tweek: Funny you should ask.
(08/21 20:53:43) Toms: I hope non of them decide to have a go at breaking the glass with due to the increased noise all teh explorers coming here will be makeing
(08/21 20:53:44) Mazentius (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:53:50) Moiety Jean: D:
(08/21 20:54:00) Patrick Dulebohn: The glass is stronger than you may think.
(08/21 20:54:12) Briggs: Don’t put that to the test, though. Please!
(08/21 20:54:14) Zeke365: well I headed out thanks good time unitl we meet til next time
(08/21 20:54:18) Patrick Dulebohn: I keep joking that it’s the D’ni that created transparent aluminum, not Scotty.
(08/21 20:54:21) Patrick Dulebohn laughs
(08/21 20:54:24) Tweek: Patrick, I’ve found a similar chair in Fehnir’s House. I also modelled my chair in Fahets in the same style
(08/21 20:54:48) Toms: its a good chair design
(08/21 20:54:49) midnightglitch (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:54:49) Patrick Dulebohn: Perhaps the D’ni equivalent of IKEA?
(08/21 20:54:50) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/21 20:55:03) Toms is a bit upset…
(08/21 20:55:17) Toms is checking something out
(08/21 20:55:19) Patrick Dulebohn: I know you shut down Fehnir’s House for further restoration. I hope you can finish that soon, Tweek.
(08/21 20:55:37) Patrick Dulebohn: We’d all be glad to pitch in, of course!
(08/21 20:55:57) Patrick Dulebohn: Me and my crack team of explorer engineers…or ExEngs, if you prefer.
(08/21 20:55:57) Tweek: It would be nice to get the area opened up for more people to visit.
(08/21 20:55:59) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/21 20:56:37) Toms: I was intreaged by what little of the house was shown in tpa
(08/21 20:56:38) Dragossh (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:56:39) dreammaster4 (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:56:59) Toms: he past (sorry ki keyboard malfucntion)
(08/21 20:57:34) Patrick Dulebohn: Go Fil!
(08/21 20:57:48) C.J.Herkeless: It is really good !
(08/21 20:58:02) Patrick Dulebohn: As I’ve said, so many talented explorers here.
(08/21 20:59:06) Toms: it must have been a bit of a nightmare to clean a place this size up the dust alone
(08/21 20:59:07) okniwy (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:59:08) Esto (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:59:09) Evvey (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:59:10) burchi (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 20:59:33) Patrick Dulebohn: Well, not totally alone. I’ve had some helpful volunteers who toiled away with me.
(08/21 20:59:46) Patrick Dulebohn: Never could have gotten this place looking so good by myself.
(08/21 20:59:47) Patrick Dulebohn winks
(08/21 20:59:57) Briggs: How many cans of pledge was it again…
(08/21 21:00:10) Patrick Dulebohn: Try cases.
(08/21 21:00:14) Briggs starts to laugh
(08/21 21:00:14) Patrick Dulebohn laughs
(08/21 21:00:31) Attaboy20: Do you think Some of the city will reopen too at some point?
(08/21 21:00:33) C.J.Herkeless: I broke two brooms.
(08/21 21:00:54) Patrick Dulebohn: Well, the GoMe Pub via that Book over there is a new city location. It’s in Ae’gura.
(08/21 21:01:00) Patrick Dulebohn: I’m hoping more will follow too.
(08/21 21:01:27) Patrick Dulebohn: One of the many places adjacent to the Guild Hall.
(08/21 21:01:29) Briggs: I’ve got my heart set on the concert hall!
(08/21 21:01:35) Patrick Dulebohn: Me too!
(08/21 21:01:40) Toms: Out of intrest where about in Ae’gura is it located physically, or is it so sealed off its hard to tell
(08/21 21:01:41) Patrick Dulebohn: Especially if FIl can sing there.
(08/21 21:01:43) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/21 21:01:46) Briggs nods his head
(08/21 21:02:07) C.J.Herkeless: I love the area around Tokotah. The way the architecture and the rock formations commingle around each other. Be lovely to see more of that.
(08/21 21:02:12) Patrick Dulebohn: Nope, you can see Kerath’s Arch outside the window of the converence room upstairs.
(08/21 21:02:31) Patrick Dulebohn: It’s far above the stairs leading to the Hall of Kings.
(08/21 21:02:41) Patrick Dulebohn: It’s actually not too far from the Baron’s office, actually.
(08/21 21:02:47) Patrick Dulebohn: We’re still mapping things out there.
(08/21 21:03:20) Briggs: Jenuue: Switch to first person until you can link back in here again, sometimes that happens
(08/21 21:03:46) PhoenixAccio: The Great Zero’s probably a decent help when it comes to figuring out where things are
(08/21 21:04:07) Toms: makes sense. with linking the finding out the exact location of places isnt al that high a proirty
(08/21 21:05:26) Toms: I hear KI coordinates can be a bit touchy with some city locations so i don’t know how much help the great zero could be
(08/21 21:06:04) Patrick Dulebohn: It’s an instrument that needs constant calibration. Thank goodness for all the marker games you guys make!
(08/21 21:06:20) Patrick Dulebohn: Not only are they fun, but they help the GZ too.
(08/21 21:07:15) Lambda: Hey Patrick, I’ve been following your work for some time on your FB page. I’m so happy to see that it’s here on the main shard now. Nice work.
(08/21 21:07:37) Patrick Dulebohn: It’s been a long journey getting them here to the cavern for you all to enjoy.
(08/21 21:07:49) Patrick Dulebohn: And after today and the wonderful reaction to it all…
(08/21 21:07:54) Patrick Dulebohn: …totally worth it!
(08/21 21:07:56) Patrick Dulebohn cheers
(08/21 21:07:58) Toms: this is suprisi9ngly comfy
(08/21 21:07:59) billo (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):
(08/21 21:08:14) Error: Don’t know how to ‘/st’
(08/21 21:08:22) Patrick Dulebohn: On that note, my friends…I must be off. All the planning and work to put this together in time has taken its toll.
(08/21 21:08:40) EMM: what is this window looking out to, does anyone know?
(08/21 21:08:43) Toms: Thanks for your time and efforts they are very much apriciated
(08/21 21:08:48) Patrick Dulebohn: Enjoy the new journey….and expect more in the coming months!
(08/21 21:08:49) C.J.Herkeless: You deserve plenty of rest, Patrick. This is an extraordinary day.
(08/21 21:08:53) C.J.Herkeless salutes
(08/21 21:08:59) Patrick Dulebohn: Until next time!
(08/21 21:09:01) Patrick Dulebohn salutes
(08/21 21:09:02) PracticeCactus: thank you!
(08/21 21:09:04) EMM: Thank you Patrick!

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