Personal: Cannot Sleep, and So I Write.

I cannot Sleep in this morning, and so I sit on Relto and ponder my life.


I’ve got a lot of stressors in my life on the Surface, weighing me down these days. Events in the Cavern have given me a breath of fresh air regarding that, but even so I can’t help but wonder about the near future.

I’m hopeful that we can all make it to Friday without further incident like yesterday. In retrospect I was a lot more tensed up about all of that than I realized I was. What a horrible prank for someone to play, removing barriers and placing a fake book. And to meet two more people from Patrick’s group like that in such a situation…

Fireworks pop, and I’m considering deactivating the page. Really wish there was an on-off button for this that wasn’t turning off the bridge entirely.

Honestly, though, how long have I had this Fissure active for? Why did I even leave it unfinished? Observing the Fissure’s longterm effects? Bah. I don’t know.

I should finish that cycle, leave everything ready for the future. Reclaim my Yeesha shirt, at least.

…No, but the thing that gets me though is why someone would do something like that. I get that there’s impatience, but it’s just to Friday. Friday! Today’s Thursday for crying out loud. Thursday. We can wait one more day.

I have far too much loaded onto my plate today. Just woke up early, have extra hours even, but I’ve got a ticking clock to a Surface Appointment. Sure, I could… feasibly… And crap I just realized I forgot to plug something in before linking down here. Too much of a rush, too sleep-dream-induced.

…What was I thinking yesterday, bringing up my idle theorycrafting about the Rime Crystals? Even in passing that was a stupid thing. Now I’ve gained some interest there I wasn’t planning on carrying even with this news journal.

I’ll have to actually put something together at this point about it. I mean, I was already, but that project sort of got scuttled a bit post Mysterium. Too much on my plate, not enough time in the day. One more project ontop of everything else. Why did I open my mouth on that for?

I guess I just got caught up in the rush of things. I’m sure now despite my saying I’m still just an explorer that others are going to start thinking I’m involved heavily. No, just tangentially aware and been keeping an eye on things for the last few years. Damn it. It’s been years since the Cavern has had this much raw excitement. I’m happy and ecstatic but- do I have the time to keep this up?

Blah. I really hope other people are documenting all of this for posterity. If I can’t keep it up, I don’t want to disappoint people that I have to take leave suddenly.

If only I could be in, like, three places at once. Splitting myself up into three different Me’s would certainly make things a lot easier.

Ah, right, tags. I should probably go make a news tag for the older posts and… what else…?

Well, now there’s a few names I haven’t seen in a while. So many familiar faces coming back these days.


Watchers seems secure. Looks like a couple of explorers keeping guard. For what? Who knows. I think I’ll run some marker missions.

edit3: Ran into Ethan and Silver again today. Good to see ’em around again. Always nice to see familiar faces and names.

Huh. Reseng’s are about today. Ferrell and Dogherra. Good to see ’em out and about today too, after yesterday.

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