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8/19/2020 Another Visit from Patrick

Patrick Dulebohn visited Watchers Pub again today to check in on the progress of the work.

Chatlog provided by EMM.
(08/19 12:28:05) Chat.log started…
(08/19 12:28:05) Patrick Dulebohn whistles
(08/19 12:28:17) Hemulendottir: It was underground trade though. Which is promising… I guess
(08/19 12:28:35) Hemulendottir: Means they weren’t nonchalant about it
(08/19 12:28:45) Marn: Was it? I guess I forgot
(08/19 12:28:45) Patrick Dulebohn: Just doing a bit of work before I head back up to the surface, skuavi. You may see workers coming in and out of here.
(08/19 12:28:55) Patrick Dulebohn: We try to be very discreet so as not to interrupt the rest of you.
(08/19 12:28:58) Hemulendottir: Maybe. I forgot too
(08/19 12:29:12) Hemulendottir: We’re watching your every movement, Patrick
(08/19 12:29:15) EMM: Patrick, are any of the other people you work with on this project going to be coming in and out as well before launch?
(08/19 12:29:35) Marn: Woah wait what project? The new Ages?
(08/19 12:29:44) Patrick Dulebohn: There might be. I don’t want to name names as some like their anonymity.
(08/19 12:29:55) Minasunda starts to laugh
(08/19 12:30:01) skuavi II nods his head
(08/19 12:30:15) TGMChrist: Have patience EMM.
(08/19 12:30:23) Patrick Dulebohn: Quite a few people working both here and behind the scenes to get everything ready. A true community effort!
(08/19 12:30:27) Patrick Dulebohn cheers
(08/19 12:30:31) skuavi II: hemulen
(08/19 12:30:32) Marn: It’s real exciting
(08/19 12:30:37) EMM: Nothin wrong with asking questions 🙂
(08/19 12:30:48) Marn: If you’ve anything to do with it Patrick, you’ve my thanks
(08/19 12:30:51) Patrick Dulebohn checks to see if fire marbles need replacing
(08/19 12:30:56) EMM: Yes very exciting.
(08/19 12:31:01) Marn: This game is bringing back more memories than I can count
(08/19 12:31:02) Patrick Dulebohn waves hello
(08/19 12:31:20) Marn: The resurge in players has made it even more nostalgic
(08/19 12:31:23) Patrick Dulebohn: I see we have someone who was able to hop the barrier.
(08/19 12:31:47) EMM: Yeah, it really is great to see, Marn. It’s been so long since the cavern has felt so alive.
(08/19 12:31:51) Hemulendottir: Darn tresspassers
(08/19 12:32:03) Marn: I was just excited to see pellet scores in Bevin!
(08/19 12:32:12) Marn: Something behind these barriers huh?
(08/19 12:32:42) Marn: Yep I see someone behind the curtains…
(08/19 12:32:43) skuavi II: marn you see?
(08/19 12:32:43) Marn: Oz?
(08/19 12:32:52) Marn: Yeah I see him back that
(08/19 12:32:52) Patrick Dulebohn: There’s something behind each of these curtains, in fact. Someday soon, we’ll hopefully open them all up.
(08/19 12:32:53) EMM: Yeah, a few people were behind them last night
(08/19 12:33:15) Marn: Patrick, you part of the DRC?
(08/19 12:33:17) Patrick Dulebohn: I’m guessing ondine is one of those industrious skydivers I’ve heard so much about.
(08/19 12:33:19) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/19 12:33:38) Patrick Dulebohn: No, I am not. I have consulted with a few members, but that’s about it.
(08/19 12:33:41) EMM: Yeah, my skydiving efforts have proved fruitless
(08/19 12:33:56) Patrick Dulebohn: They’ve also been invited to attend on Friday, but I’m not sure if they will. We’ll see.
(08/19 12:34:10) Minasunda: we hope so
(08/19 12:34:10) TGMChrist: I wish the Wall game in Gahreesen are working some day.
(08/19 12:34:21) EMM: TGM, that would be so fun.
(08/19 12:34:23) Marn: There are some Shards that have it working
(08/19 12:34:32) Marn: I was talking with someone earlier about it
(08/19 12:34:37) Marn: I think Deep Island?
(08/19 12:34:41) Eternal Seeker: I hope that everything that happens behind the curtain is suitable for minors
(08/19 12:34:44) Patrick Dulebohn: I know of at least one person who is working on getting the Gahreesen wall up and running properly.
(08/19 12:34:44) Minasunda: yes Deep Island
(08/19 12:34:59) Marn: We’ll find out, about half of this room is trying to get past them now
(08/19 12:35:45) Max Welrod: We’re just testing barrier integrity
(08/19 12:35:49) Patrick Dulebohn: Hmm…I wonder if those energy barriers in Jalak can be made portable…
(08/19 12:36:07) Marn: I completely forgot Jalak was a place
(08/19 12:36:13) EMM: Haha, a little zap might stop cone jumping efforts…
(08/19 12:36:18) Marn: It’s book is in the library yes?
(08/19 12:36:48) Patrick Dulebohn: It’s a shame the DRC never found out what game or contest was played in the Age.
(08/19 12:36:49) EMM: A little Jurassic-parky. I bet we’d still test integrity…haha
(08/19 12:36:59) Patrick Dulebohn: Yes, the common library in Ae’gura.
(08/19 12:37:06) Patrick Dulebohn: Next to the Minkata Book.
(08/19 12:37:17) Marn: Ondine, you gotta tell us what’s back there
(08/19 12:37:23) Marn: Or how you got there
(08/19 12:37:34) Max Welrod: send us ki pics!
(08/19 12:37:37) Marn: I forgot about minkata too…
(08/19 12:37:55) Marn: I’m kind of glad I did. So much time spent aimlessly wandering
(08/19 12:38:10) Hemulendottir: Am back, got booted out for some reason
(08/19 12:38:20) Hemulendottir: What did I miss?
(08/19 12:38:26) Marn starts to laugh
(08/19 12:38:45) Marn: nothing I noticed outside of us trying to get past the barrier
(08/19 12:38:48) LouisaB: I spent way too much time wandering Minkata looking for the soccer ball the last two weeks, only to find it’s no longer there. LOL
(08/19 12:38:50) skuavi II: i want celebrate this new era in moula with all 🙂
(08/19 12:38:53) TGMChrist: I see the button to the door up there is light up.
(08/19 12:39:00) skuavi II: with fresh water 🙂
(08/19 12:39:07) skuavi II cheers
(08/19 12:39:16) Patrick Dulebohn: Alright, my friends…back to the surface for me for now!
(08/19 12:39:23) Patrick Dulebohn: See you soon!
(08/19 12:39:23) Marn: See ya mate
(08/19 12:39:25) Patrick Dulebohn waves goodbye
(08/19 12:39:27) Hemulendottir waves hello
(08/19 12:39:30) LouisaB waves goodbye
(08/19 12:39:35) skuavi II leans left
(08/19 12:39:35) Hemulendottir: I mean goodbye
(08/19 12:39:37) Melis leans right
(08/19 12:39:38) TGMChrist: Goodbye
(08/19 12:39:40) Umo: Alright!
(08/19 12:39:43) …Chat.log stopped.

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