Personal: Not much doin today

Given I haven’t had much to do today but sit around resting my leg, I decided to delve into what would likely be the easiest part of this Pod 12 project if I commit to doing it- actually writing a new linking book for Pod 12 now that the old one is, ah, suspended inContinue reading “Personal: Not much doin today”

Echo McKenzie and Jules Lavisham in Ae’gura.

Went to Ae’gura, got surprised to see that Jules Lavisham and Echo McKenzie were in Ae’gura today, catching up on old times. I’m missing the start of whatever they were talking about before I arrived, so if anyone’s got a log of that time, submit away.   EDIT: Jules himself was kind enough to provideContinue reading “Echo McKenzie and Jules Lavisham in Ae’gura.”

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