A brown haired Explorer in a green jacket, blue pants, and Minkata Boots walks along the snow covered path of Serene. Before her is a giant rock, covered in snow, with a firemarble attached. In the far end of the screen, the words “COME VISIT SERENE” float in purple and pink relief.

Come visit the Age Of Serene with this latest Age Release!

Serene is The first Part of the Legacy Collection of Ages set to be released this quarter. Keep your eyes peeled for future releases later down the line!

Originally restored by the late Andy Legate, Serene has been chosen to be released as a memorial to the man’s work by those who knew him. Serene is a part of a grander story, part of the “Devokan Trust”* series of ages that Andy also worked on.

Known for its frequent snow storms, the Age of Serene recently suffered a super massive cold snap freeze, prompting a review of the place once the storms subsided for a time. While the skies are clear for the moment, have no doubt that storms will return again at some point. It’s recommended you dress warmly, as even without the constant snow fall, it is quite cold within the Age.

At its release on May 5th, 2021, Patrick had this to say: “Serene, as well as the other works he left behind, is Andy’s legacy to us all.”

Postcards are available in the Giftshop.

*= For More info on the Devokan Trust, see [These] [Three] [Links], Courtesy of Korov’ev.

ARCHIVE: Email, Patrick, Redacted, New Ages.

To: [Redacted]

From: Patrick Dulebohn [e-mail redacted]

Date: April 30, 2021

Subject: Serene and beyond

[name redacted], I’m just dropping you a line to let you know that, after those last couple of false starts, we’ll soon be reopening Serene in the next few days. From what I can tell, the worst of the weather has subsided for now. Despite some of the harsher winds, the trees have also held up pretty well.

So assuming explorers bundle up properly, they should be just fine!

Thanks to a series of industrial fans and the natural sunshine of the Age, Tre’bivdil has almost aired out from the flooding. Sadly, it looks like the structural damage downstairs cannot be fixed at the moment, so we’ll have to block it off. We’d need Lontahv on the team if we have any hope of repairing it as he knows the Age best.

In any case, we’ll have to release the Age a bit further down the line once we’ve done a bit of disinfecting and last-minute structural tests. Given what’s going on on the surface, we can’t be too careful when preventing possible airborne pathogens.

Vothol Gallery has proven to be the most unruly of these new areas to open back up. Given how unpredictable seismic activity is in the cavern, there’s still some structural reinforcement I’d like to add discreetly to hopefully prevent another cave-in like before.

Just remember…safety of the visiting explorers is our paramount concern! I would not feel comfortable opening any of these Ages if they’re not safe. While I want to be a bit looser on the rules than the DRC was, we should still be vigilant and, failing all else, warn explorers if and when they’ll be visiting at their own risk. Most should hopefully understand.

I’ll e-mail you back as soon as we get the machinery in the Vale repaired. We are very close to opening up that Age as well, but we still have much more research to do before we reveal it to the public. Something is definitely off about that place.



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