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“Gather ‘Round the Firemarble” FAHETS: HIGHGARDEN.

Fahets is the first Age Written by explorer Keith Lord that has made its way into the public eye.

The first known Explorer Written Age (Dating back to the Early 2000s), Fahets’s Highgarden area served as a council getaway for Keith’s group, The Third Path which arose during the First DRC Restoration in response to the DRC and Yeesha factions.

With The Third Path now disbanded, Keith felt it time to release this area to the public, and so, Highgarden is the first area of Fahets to see the public light.

NOTE: it is requested that any crimson blighted butterflies be reported, or captured and exterminated.

Eder Naybree Released

Eder Naybree at Night.

The Age of Eder Naybree was released at 9:45 AM on Friday, September 9th, 2022.

Restored by Calum Traveler and Kelsei Taylor, the Age was originally gifted as a retirement gift to a prominent Guild Master, being written during the time of the “Garden Binge.” Afterwards, it passed around many private collections before settling in a public library some time before the Fall.


Coming to the Cavern of D’ni, part of the Summer Festival 2022, is a marvelous Musical Event created by the lovely Minasunda- a MYSTERIUM CONCERT. Consisting of a tour across the Myst Games and the Cavern and its community, this special concert will be presented Live on AUGUST 5TH, in the NDG Elonin.

For in-person Mysterium Attendees, a special highlights video of the concert with a NULP dance group presentation will be premiered on Saturday AUGUST 13TH. For online attendees, On Sunday, AUGUST 14TH, a link will be provided to the full concert for those unable to attend the concert live on the 5th.

Schedule Image. To get there PM Mir-O-Bot (KI# 32319) “To NDG Elonin”


Olivier Maurey (aka Piboc)
Hailing from France, Piboc composed his first music piece at the age of 13. At the age of 15 he discovered his passion for computer generated music and today he owns a studio with about thirty physical synthesizers and about fifty virtual synthesizers controlled by several networked Macs.
Fascinated by the Myst games and their musical atmosphere and wonderful meetings with the players in the cavern, he composed his first album “Age of Sounds” in 2010. His second album “Age of Sounds 2” is entirely inspired by the Myst novels: The Book of Atrus and The Book of Ti’ana.
Piboc composed the music for Roonsehv – a very Myst like game made by Denis Martin.

Lillo Moon Minniti (aka Lyllus)
Hailing from Canicattini – Italy, Lyllus studied architecture, is a musician and a composer. Lyllus has collaborated with other age writers on Ages for the Deep Island Shard. His song “Lost in Space” is the reward in the Age “Adrael” after solving the puzzles.
Lyllus dreams of working for Cyan in America.

Phil Rounds (aka Fil)
Hailing from Marlboro – United States, Fil is a Drummer, singer, guitar player who performed in various rock bands for many years.
Fil has been active in Uru / MOULa for many years. He delights the community every Wednesday with a live performance in the New Messengers Pub. Fil gave the song “Shaking the Tree” by Peter Gabriel new lyrics and made it the community’s very special MOULa song.


Sabine Lutter (aka Minasunda)
Hailing from Baden-Baden – Germany, Minasunda is autodidact, a Psychological assistant, and test leader. She paints, and writes science fiction and poetry. She has been a Myst fan since she discovered Myst in 1996.
Since 2016 Minasunda has been an active member of the community in the cavern, and in January 2017 she founded the Nulp Dance Group, for which writes the choreographies and plans the performances.
She also organizes events and keeps the community up to date on upcoming events via Discord and Facebook.