Fil Live, Technical Issues, Door Runs

Mind the Cones.

Had some technical issues with the GoMePub lower Imager this morning, as well as a mass KI-Network 6 Error disconnect for everyone in the pub at one point. Seems the system’s a tad unstable this morning. Hopefully it’ll sort itself out before too long.

Fil did his usual streaming thing on Street Jelly, in the mean time.

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Log: Calum, Jules, Rarified in Chiso

Had a nice long sit in and talk with Rarified and Jules about various things. I rambled a bit about the Island for a bit.

[NOTE: The Log has been edited slightly for OOC content, as well as to remove buddy chat and on surface messages, but I may have missed a bit here or there because hungry and distracted.]

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Might as well make it official.

Well, I completely forgot to mention that I’m now officially helping the Explorer Restoration group out. I made mention in one of my journals but I forgot to mention it here on the blog.

If you’ve seen me about lately wearing a DRC vest it’s because I’ve been feeling punny about helping out with stuff behind the scenes lately. Nobody’s asked about it though. >>;

C’mon, have you ever known me to wear that danged vest casually? 😛 No?

…Aight, fair enough.

But yeah, just. I’m helping out behind the scenes now. So there’s me now being involved in this to some official capacity that I wasn’t back in August. Funny how these things work out.

So, no, wasn’t lying then about not being involved. Am Involved now and just forgot to mention.

This blog becomes a bit of a blind spot in memory sometimes.

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