A photo of Tiam’s link In area, marked in the corner with the text “Welcome To TIAM”, at the bottom, an insert of Chiso’s Tiam Linking Book is present.

12/20/2021: The Age of Tiam has been released! Restored by explorer Ametist, this Age was a D’ni rest-home for a certain D’ni family. Explore the Age, and walk the steps of the family who lived here last.

NOTE: Tiam is a Personal Instance Age and is temporarily unavailable through the Nexus due to a technical mishap and we are working on a means of resolving those issues in the future. For the time being, please ignore the Age Invite system through the KI and share the age with your friends through Chiso Preniv.

You can find Videos of the Ages Release HERE and HERE. Video recorded by Kelsei A.T., and edited/uploaded to Youtube by Calum Traveler.

Overflow Station Restoration

I’ve decided to take on the Overflow Station as a restoration project. I know, I know, I’ve got so much on my plate as it is, but the danged metal contamination in the water is coming from here, somewhere, and we need to get that sorted out before the algae takes serious damage.

What’s one more project to the list?

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AGM scheduling.

I’m going to volunteer to manage the next two AGMs to cap off the year change on either side of it. That is to say, December, and January. This is likely subject to change if something in my surface life crops up on me.

…But just so folks are aware, I’m planning December’s AGM to be the 4th (first saturday) and January’s to be the 8th (second saturday) as January 1st is a saturday itself and I expect most folks will be too busy with new years day and such, maybe myself included. (Korov’ev suggested this change, and I’m inclined to agree with it.)

I’m hoping by February we’ll either have a new permanent host, or someone else will volunteer to step up. As an aside, in any other situation, I’d likely be okay with committing to continue working it for longer, but… my living situation on the Surface being as it is right now, I really can’t commit to longer.

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